Me – The Short Story

I have been working since I was 14, in management since I was 17, a father by 21, single father with full custody by 23, regional trainer by 25, corporate executive by 28, real estate agent by 32, top listing agent by 33, one of the most advanced real estate designated agents in the state of California by 35, real estate broker by 36 and Brokerage Owner by 41.

Currently I own RE/MAX Traditions in Simi Valley and still a top listing agent. I can’t break away from listing homes because it is my passion. I’m good at it and I truly LOVE maximizing the bottom line for my clients.

I am not a team and never will be one. Teams in my opinion are for agents that are trying to increase their bank accounts without doing the work. I like to get my hands dirty and understand the need for me to be involved in all aspects of my clients transactions.

With that said, I attribute my success to a few things.

1) My continued drive & understanding that there is always more to learn and am always updating my negotiation skills.

2) My spreadsheets that allow me to pay close attention to the market. Not on a national level (as that isn’t relevant to my specific area) but my LOCAL area. I obtain the data and don’t use third party info as it seems a bit, well, jaded in one way or the other. I’m usually able to predict the market trend 3-4 months before the change is reported via the news / radio outlets. Have for over a decade now.

3) I don’t take too many listings at one time. I’m not a greedy listing agent nor do I need to make a bunch of $$ on my listings. I own the company I work for remember. I do not list homes for the $$. I do this for the look on my clients faces after I successfully facilitate one of the most difficult transactions they will ever be involved in. With my knowledge and skills, I am able to make it seamless all while making sure my clients are walking away with the most amount of $$$ possible.

ReMax Traditions - Real Estate

ReMax Traditions - Real Estate

A few more things to consider

1) I don’t have a team to pay for.

2) You always talk to me via my cell phone not a team member.

3) Other agents and potential buyers always talk to me via my cell phone not a team member.

4) I do it all myself – Get it? The guy you actually hired is actually doing all the things mentioned in the listing appointment and is personally accountable for it all. No pointing fingers with me. 🙂

5) I don’t list homes for the money. I do it because I am good at it and LOVE properly representing my clients and being able to achieve results most other agents cant.

6) Nobody has my skills, qualifications, drive and know how to ensure the results I am able to achieve on a consistent basis. NOBODY!!

Thanks for your time in reading this and if you are ever selling your home or simply have any real estate questions, call me. I would love to talk with you. I give free advise all the time and simply love talking real estate.

Have a great day,

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